Residential Dining


Residential Dining
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Cafe 84
Cafe 84
A few steps from the Lyon Center, Café 84 residential facility offers healthy choices in an exhibition- style format. Café 84 also offers an extensive salad and sandwich bar, along with a wok station, BBQ/ smoker station, and daily smoothies.

TEL. (213) 740-9556

EVK Restaurant and Grill (EVK)
EVK Restaurant and Grill
Nestled between two of USC’s most vibrant housing communities, Birnkrant and the New North Complex, the EVK Restaurant and Grill has indoor and outdoor seating, fine cuisine from all over the world, and an outdoor barbeque. Right across the outdoor patio is the Senior Commons Room, a roomy and lively place for student meetings and faculty / student gatherings.

TEL. (213) 740-0259

Honors House
Honors House
Located in the North University Park, the Honors House is home to a close community of talented USC students. The residents have a special meal plan that enables them to share breakfasts and dinners Monday through Friday. The house features a stately library, a common area with pool table, and a television/DVD player for large-screen viewing.

TEL. (213) 743-2284

Parkside Restaurant (IRC)
The Parkside Restaurant
The beautiful Parkside Restaurant rotunda looks out over USC’s southwest Exposition lawn. Wood floors, specialty salad bars, and exhibition kitchens all contribute to the unique communal dining experience you’ll find at Parkside where our best chefs prepare their favorite classic recipes for you daily.

TEL. (213) 821-5859

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