08/29/2019 HSC campus installs ‘SmartFridges’ to combat food insecurity
04/04/2018 Dining halls to stop providing straws
03/09/2018 Shrimp’s big appeal
11/01/2017 ‘Edible Education’ gives USC students skills in the kitchen
08/26/2017 USC dropped $700 million on a student ‘village’ that includes a Trader Joe’s and a Target
08/25/2017 USC’s newest dining hall designed around wellness, sustainability philosophy
08/21/2017 Disneyland meets Hogwarts at $700-million USC Village
08/17/2017 USC Village Grand Opening
08/17/2017 USC Village dining hall emphasizes health, sustainability
08/16/2017 USC Village Dining Hall Emphasizes Health, Sustainability
08/16/2017 The New Harry Potter Themed Hogwarts Hall that’s Gone a Little Bit Vegan
08/15/2017 New USC student housing adds Target, Trader Joe’s, gentrification tension
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07/14/2017 New Dining Hall at USC Village Favors Flavor and a Healthful Menu
01/19/2017 Inside University of Southern California’s latest concepts
12/13/2016 USC Village will include a Harry Potter themed dining hall
09/30/2016 USC opens cupcake ATM
08/25/2016 Weekly farmer’s market brings more fresh food to University Park Campus
07/06/2016 Healthy Eating Comes To USC Dorms
04/11/2016 USC’s Teaching Garden Takes Urban Farming To New Heights
01/27/2016 USC chefs compete in culinary challenge
11/30/2015 USC Swipe Out Hunger begins annual drive
11/16/2015 USC Hospitality featured in Food and Drink International Magazine’s Fall 2015 Issue
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09/10/2015 Ron Lee brings passion to USC
04/23/2015 Your Go-To Guide for College Dining Halls Across North America
03/03/2015 USC Hospitality chef enters Hell’s Kitchen
02/26/2015 Mobile music a la carts coming to University Park Campus
11/19/2014 Dietitian Spotlight Series: Lindsey Pine, Hospitality RD For The University Of Southern California
10/27/2014 Food Management Magazine – USC Opens Full Service Restaurant
09/23/2014 USC Hospitality showcases new food, beverages
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01/26/2014 USC Hospitality introduces new campus eateries
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