Campus Dining

Where can I find vegan and vegetarian food on campus?

A variety of vegan and vegetarian options can be found throughout USC Hospitality venues, including Residential Dining venues, USC Village Dining Hall, Parkside and Everybody’s Kitchen. All vegan and vegetarian menu items in Residential Dining are labeled.

Where can I find Kosher and Halal food?

Seeds Marketplace sells an assortment of kosher meals and Tutor Café offers halal Indian cuisine. Dining Dollars and credit/debit cards are accepted at Seeds and Tutor Café.  The USC Village Dining Hall will offer pre-packaged kosher/halal meals as part of the meal plan. Registration is required for this program.  Please contact the Registered Dietitian for more information and instructions on how to sign up.  https://hospitality.usc.edu/ask-the-dietitian/

How do you accommodate students with special dietary needs?

Please contact our Registered Dietitian for help and guidance in regards to special dietary needs, by visiting: https://hospitality.usc.edu/ask-the-dietitian/

How do I find out what ingredients are in the food?

Please contact our Registered Dietitian for questions regarding ingredients by visiting: https://hospitality.usc.edu/ask-the-dietitian/

If I don’t have a meal plan, can I still eat in Residential Dining?

Yes, all guests are welcome to eat at Parkside Grill, the USC Village Dining Hall at the USC Village and EVerybody’s Kitchen. Dining dollars, meal swipes, discretionary, credit/debit cards are accepted.

If a student is sick, can they get a meal delivered to their dorm?

If a student on a meal plan cannot visit the Residential Dining eateries due to illness such as the flu, they may request a BRATS meal to be delivered to their dorm. Meals are available seven days a week, Monday through Friday 7:30am-9pm; Saturdays and Sundays 11am-9pm.   BRATS stands for banana, rice, applesauce, toast, and soup.

What is the service style like at the Residential Dining Halls?

Once inside of any of the three dining halls, food is self-serve, all-you-care-to-eat. Due to the service style, our dining halls can not accomodate taking food to go, however our meal plan provides for meals to go options from our retail cafes by using Campus Center Meal Swipes and/or Dining Dollars.

Can I take food to-go from the dining halls?

Yes! You may use a Residential Meal Swipe for 1 to-go meal per day on the unlimited meal plans.  Those on plans with a fixed number of meal swipes, or alotted amount of Dining Dollars, may use as many of their swipes or dollars as they wish for  to-go meals. First step is to download the USEFULL app and set up an account.  Tell the cashier that you would like a to-go meal.  Take the reusable beverage cup and bowl and fill them up.  Close the containers and exit the facility.  To return the containers, bring them to any of the 3 dining halls, scan the barcodes on the iPad, then drop them into the bins. All containers must be returned within 48 hours of checking out in order to avoid a late charge.  Dining Dollars, Discretionary Dollars, and credit/debit may also be used to purchase a to-go meal.




Where can I use Residential Dining Meal Swipes? Campus Center Meal Swipes?

Residential Dining Meal Swipes may be used at EVK, Parkside and the USC Village Dining Hall.  Campus Center Meal Swipes may be used for special combo meals at Seeds Marketplace, Verde, Burger Crush, The Kitchen, C&G Juice Co., which are all located at the Ronald Tutor Campus Center.

Where can I use Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars are accepted at all USC Hospitality retail cafes located on campus. Dining Dollars are also accepted at Starbucks and Panda Express over at the HSC campus.

Since I have a kitchen in my USC Housing apartment, why do I need a meal plan?

Undergraduate upperclassmen living in USC Housing apartments must have the apartment plan at a minimum, which consists of 40 meal swipes and $150 dining dollars per semester. These meal swipes and dining dollars will be invaluable to you around midterms, finals, and project times when you just don’t have time to cook. We know that the demands of college are stressful! We are here to take a little of the stress off your plate by nourishing you so you can concentrate on your studies.

I've heard about EcoMondays. Can you tell me what that means?

All three dining halls participate in EcoMondays, in which all menus are red meat free.  Proteins included are poultry, seafood, vegan and vegetarian options.   Please check the online menus to see what is being served on the day of your visit:


Am I locked into the same Meal Plan for the entire school year?

No, you are not locked into the same meal plan for the entire school year. If you would like to change to a different plan in the Spring, you are welcome to do so. Please be mindful of the deadlines to make changes during each semester. The Meal Plan change deadline for Fall 2023 is  August 29th and the deadline for Spring 2023 is  January 17th. Meal Plan changes can be made online via the USCard website at mycard.usc.edu/.

Are Dining Dollars accepted at the cafes, Target or Trader Joe’s in the USC Village?

No, Dining Dollars are only accepted at USC Hospitality locations. Dining Dollars and Meal Swipes are accepted at the USC Village Dining Hall.

What is the difference between Dining Dollars and Discretionary Dollars?

Dining Dollars are funds attached to the Trojan, Apartment and Community Meal Plans and are only used at USC Hospitality venues that do not serve alcohol. Discretionary Dollars are not part of a meal plan and may be added via the USCard website at any time. They can be used for dining at any USC Hospitality location, the USC Bookstore and many other places. Please see this complete list at mycard.usc.edu/documents/Locations.pdf.

How do you accommodate students with special dietary needs?

USC Hospitality can accommodate a wide variety of special dietary needs. Residential Dining labels menu items for the top 8 allergens, sesame and pork, in addition to vegan and vegetarian. Parkside is a peanut/nut sensitive facility as well.  If you have celiac disease/gluten intolerance, a food allergy, or other medical issue that impacts eating, please contact the Registered Dietitian well before the semester begins so that she can advise you on which dining venue will best accommodate your needs: http://hospitality.usc.edu/ask-the-dietitian/.   If you require the Allergen Awareness Zone at Parkside, the Gluten Awareness Zone at EVK, or our order ahead protocol at any of our 3 dining halls please contact the Registered Dietitian to start the registration process as soon as possible. Please note that despite taking every precaution, we cannot guarantee that our items are 100% free of trace amounts of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, fish, shellfish or other allergens.

I am not living in USC owned and operated Housing and am not required to participate in a Meal Plan. Can I still purchase one?

Which restaurants take the Dining Dollars in the USC Village?

The only location where Dining Dollars, Swipes, and Discretionary Dollars are accepted at the USC Village are at the USC Village Dining Hall. Target, Trader Joe’s, FedEx and all of the cafes at the Village are independent and not operated by USC.

What is the app called where you can order food or coffee ahead of time?

With the USC Campus Dining mobile ordering app, students will be able to order and pay for food on the app and simply pick it up when it is ready, without having to wait in line at USC Hospitality retail cafes.

Are deductions taken out even at the dining halls for the Trojan Meal Plan as well as venues that take dining dollars?

The Trojan Plan is a declining balance plan where the cash value of meals is deducted. This meal plan does not offer weekly meal swipes for the Residential Dining Halls like the Cardinal, Cardinal Flex, and Gold plans do. For a student on the Trojan Meal Plan, $11.25 is deducted if they come for breakfast, $14.75 for lunch, and $15.25 is deducted for dinner.

Do the Dining Dollars roll over to the next semester if not spent or refunded?

Dining Dollars that are attached to the Gold Plan, Trojan Plan, Apartment Plan, and Dining Dollar Blocks do not roll over and are not refunded. However, students may choose to donate any unused Dining Dollars to a USC program that assists food insecure USC students.

Are there any resources for students experiencing food insecurity?

Yes, please contact the Student Basic Needs office at basicneeds@usc.edu  Their website is: https://seip.usc.edu/centers/studentbasicneeds/

Can I purchase Dining Dollars separately or do they only come with a meal plan?

Yes! Any student may purchase a $250 or $500 Dining Dollar Block at a 10% discount at any time during the semester.  Please note that these Dining Dollars do not roll over from semester to semester.

What happens if I have leftover Dining Dollars at the end of the semester? Can I donate them?

Absolutely!  At the end of each semester, we provide an opportunity to donate Dining Dollars and Campus Center Meal Swipes to support fellow Trojans that are food insecure.  These funds will be used to support the programs provided by USC Student Basic Needs, including the Food Pantry.

If I don’t have a meal plan, can I still eat in Residential Dining?

Yes, all guests are welcome to eat at Parkside Grill, Honors Dining Hall at the USC Village and Everybody’s Kitchen. Dining dollars, meal swipes, discretionary, credit/debit cards are accepted.

Are the Residential Dining Halls open 7 days/week?

We are happy to announce that all 3 of our Residential Dining Halls are back to being open 7 days per week.

How do I get a copy of my receipt?

Contact hospsys@usc.edu provide the last 4 digits of credit card, date and transaction amount


Does USC Hospitality use eco-friendly food packaging?

Yes, in our retail cafes,  take-out packaging including bowls, cups, plates and service ware are made from a variety of plant-based materials and are compostable.  Our Residential Dining Halls use plastic-free reusable containers.  To learn more about our reusable container program, please visit https://www.usefull.us/

Is USC Hospitality working in unison with the University’s Campus Initiatives towards Zero waste?

Yes, USC Hospitality takes achieving the Zero Waste Initiative seriously; actively working to reduce single use plastics with our packaging; working with our vendors (i.e., coke and others) on reducing single use plastic bottles; assessing and reducing our carbon footprint within our supply chain and sustainable food purchases.

Does USC Hospitality have a solution for left over meals within dining halls and events?

Yes, USC Hospitality partners with the St. Francis Center as the official food rescue partner. They recover prepared food daily from all dining halls, special events and our University Club.

What does USC Hospitality do with their pre and post-consumer food waste?

Our kitchen stewards place pre and post-consumer food waste in our onsite composting bins, which are later picked up by our city franchised waste hauler. The hauler then transports to City permitted composting facilities.

What is the progress of USC Hospitality of purchasing food from sustainable sources?

More than 40% of all food purchased by USC Hospitality comes from sustainable sources and we are increasing this number every year. For more information, please visit: https://green.usc.edu/programs/procurement/

Do USC Cafes offer a discount for using reusable beverage mugs?

Yes, bring your clean, reusable mug to any of the following locations and receive $0.10 off of your beverage:  Starbucks at Trojan Grounds, Coffee Bean & Tea leaf, Tutor Hall Café, Cafe Annenberg, Literatea, Popovich, and Law Cafe

The Lab Gastropub

Where can we park?

There is metered parking on the street in front of the Lab and there is also parking available at the USC Hotel parking available without fee (2 Hour Maximum) when mentioning the Lab at the parking booth.

What types of Payments do we accept?

We accept all major credit cards except for Discover.

Can the entire restaurant be rented out for a private function?

Yes, for further information such as pricing, availability and options, please email: private.events@usc.edu or call our main line at 213-740-5956

If we have children and/or young adults in our dining party that are not yet of 21 years old, is it okay if they still enter and dine although the Lab is a Gastropub?

Yes, of course. However we do ask that anyone not yet of 21 years of age do not sit at our bar top. We will happily get you a table.

Rosso Oro's

Where can we park to dine at Rosso’s Oro?

Enter through the front drive way of USC Hotel, and proceed until the end of drive way. Make a right to enter our parking structure (PS2). The structure is located off Figueroa between Jefferson and Exposition.

Do you accept Dining Dollars for Dine-in?

No, Dining Dollars are only accepted at USC Hospitality locations on campus. we currently only accept Credit Card, Internal Requisition, or Discretionary Cards.

Can we order take out?

Yes , please contact us at: 213 -743-2077.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the USC campus area and The Row area.

Who can I contact for Special Events?

For information about private events, please contact private.events@usc.edu

Where is your lost and found?

You can contact our security department at the USC Hotel 213-748-4141 and ask to be transferred to our lost and found.

Whom can I contact for a copy of a receipt?

You can call the USC hotel @ 213-748-4141 and ask to be transferred to our accounting department.

How much is parking?

Our parking structure is run by USC transportation. The normal charge is $20.00 and please note rate may change for special events.