Meal Plans


Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, Spring 2021 Meal Plans will only be available to students living in USC Housing.  Off-campus students will be able to purchase Dining Dollars.

Meal Plan Options for Spring 2021

(all meal plans operate on a semester basis)

Residential 21
21 meal swipes per week
Cost: $2,860

Residential 14
14 meal swipes per week + $500 Dining Dollars
Cost: $2,405

Flex 40
40 meal swipes per semester + $250 Dining Dollars
Cost: $750

Dining Dollars
Purchased in blocks of $250
Cost: $200

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Residential 21 Meal Plan

All first year freshmen living in USC Housing residence halls/suites, Webb Tower, or Parkside Apartments are required to have the Residential 21 Meal Plan. This includes 21 meals per week for the Spring semester. Want Dining Dollars? You can purchase them in blocks of $250 at any time.

Flex 40 Meal Plan

All freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors living in “off campus”
USC Housing (including at the USC Village) are required to have the Flex 40 meal plan, at a minimum. This includes 40 meal swipes for the Fall semester, plus $250 Dining Dollars.

All sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be given the Flex 40 plan wherever they are assigned in USC Housing.

Graduate students are not required to purchase a meal plan.

If you’d like a more robust meal plan, you may upgrade to either the Residential 21 plan, which includes 21 meals per week, or the Residential 14 plan, which includes 14 meals per week and $500 Dining Dollars.

If you choose the Flex 40 plan and later decide that you want more meals, you can purchase a new Flex 40 plan when the meal swipes are depleted. Your unused Dining Dollar balance will reset at the end of the school year.

Residential 14 Meal Plan

The Residential 14 plan is available as an upgrade to those who were originally assigned the Flex 40 plan. This plan includes 14 meal swipes per week, in addition to $500 Dining Dollars

Off-Campus Students

If you are a student living off-campus, you can purchase Dining Dollars, which can be used in Residential Dining for carry-out meals as well as in all Retail cafes, and for food items in convenience stores and coffee shops.

Dining Dollars

Any student may purchase Dining Dollars in blocks of $250 at a cost of $200, which is a 20% savings. Dining Dollars may be purchased at any time during the Spring semester. Unused Dining Dollars will roll reset at the end of the school year.

Meal Swipes

Swipes can be used in Residential Dining, as well as select Retail venues offering a special “meal swipe” combo meal. Swipes reset at the end of the Spring semester and do not rollover.

Residential Dining Service Style

EVK is open 7 days a week for carry-out only for the fall semester. All food is cooked from scratch by our culinary team and packaged for you to take to your residence or approved outdoor area. Indoor seating is not available at this time.

Grubhub Ordering

All guests are encouraged to pre-order meals using the Grubhub app or the Grubhub website. Please note: guests who are not able to use Grubhub can walk into the dining hall or retail venue to place an order but may experience a wait time.

If you’ve never used Grubhub before, be sure to check out the Grubhub Ordering Instructions.

Link your USCard to your Grubhub account to use your Summer Meal Plan, Dining Dollars, or Discretionary Dollars. ProTip: Sign up with your USC email for exclusive offers.

Upgrades and Purchasing Dining Dollar Blocks

To upgrade your meal plan or purchase Dining Dollar blocks, please use the USCard Services Website. Please upgrade your meal plan by January 25, 2021. You may purchase Dining Dollars at any time during the Spring semester.

Dates to Remember

The Spring 2020 meal plan is effective between January 11, 2021 through May 12, 2021. The deadline to upgrade your meal plan is January 25, 2021.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the university has replaced Spring Break 2021 with Wellness Days on March 12th & 23rd and April 7th, 22nd & 30th. The meal plan is active and available for use during those Wellness Days.

Students will automatically be enrolled in a default Meal Plan through the USC Housing contracting process. Following this process, upper classmen who would like to upgrade to another meal plan may do so online via the USCard Services website. If a Meal Plan was upgraded during the Fall 2020 semester, that upgrade will NOT apply to the Spring 2021 semester.

Meal Swipe allocations for the Residential 21 and Residential 14 plans are weekly. 21 meals can be used per week for the Residential 21, and 14 meals can be used each week for the Residential 14.

All meal plans reset on the last day of the semester and are not transferable or sold. Remaining funds cannot be refunded, transferred, or sold.

Special Dietary Accommodations

If you need special dietary accommodations due to food allergies or other medical needs, please contact the USC Hospitality Registered Dietitian for more information.