Meal Plans

SUMMER  2021

Dining Dollars sold in $250 blocks are available for purchase and may be used in the Residential Dining Halls and Retail Cafes. Please visit the USC Card website to purchase.

Please note that Summer dining ends on August 12, 2021 and Dining Dollars do not roll over into the Fall semester.

Everybody’s Kitchen (aka EVK) is the Residential Dining Hall open for Summer.  They are currently dine-in only  and no longer using the Grubhub app for ordering.  Everyone who visits EVK will be required to complete a Trojan Check and show proof prior to entering.  When completing Trojan Check, please use your own credentials and not the “visitor” option.

 2021-2022 School Year

Meal Plan Options for Fall 2021/Spring 2022

(all meal plans operate on a semester basis)

Cardinal Plan
19 meal swipes per week
Cost: $3,315

Gold Plan
19 meal swipes per week + $500 Dining Dollars per semester
Cost: $3,725

NEW!  In addition to Residential Dining access, meal swipes that are part of the Cardinal and Gold plans may also now be used on special meal swipe combos at select USC Hospitality retail cafes.

Trojan Plan
Full Dining Dollar plan  – $3,900 Dining Dollars per semester
Cost: $3,900

Apartment Plan (available only to students living in USC Housing apartments)
40 meal swipes + $150 Dining Dollars per semester
Cost: $705

Community 25 Plan
25 meal swipes + $50 Dining Dollars
Cost: $397

Community 50 Plan
50 meal swipes + $100 Dining Dollars
Cost: $755

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Cardinal Meal Plan

All freshmen living in USC Housing residence halls/suites and apartments are required to have the Cardinal Meal Plan at a minimum. This includes 19 meals per week for the Fall and Spring semester. Want $500 Dining Dollars? Upgrade to the Gold Plan.

Sophmores, juniors, and seniors living in residence halls and suites will be assigned the Cardinal meal plan.

Gold Meal Plan

The Gold plan is a great upgrade option if you would like more variety and flexibility.  In addition to 19 meals per week, you also get $500 Dining Dollars per semester. The difference in cost between the Cardinal and Gold plans is only $410, which means $90 of your Dining Dollars are FREE!

Trojan Meal Plan

The Trojan plan offers the most flexibility because the entire plan is composed of Dining Dollars and works as a declining balance. For example, whether you purchase entry to EVK, a burrito bowl at Verde, or packaged snacks at Seeds Marketplace, the cost of the meal is deducted from your balance.

Apartment Meal Plan

All sophomores, juniors, and seniors living in USC Housing apartments will be given the Apartment meal plan.  This includes 40 meal swipes plus  $150 Dining Dollars per semester.

Graduate students are not required to purchase a meal plan.

If you exhaust the Apartment plan and decide that you want more meals, you can purchase a new Apartment plan, Community 25, or Community 50 plan when the meal swipes are depleted. Your unused Dining Dollar balance will reset at the end of the semester.

Community 25 and Community 50 Meal Plans

The Community plans are great options for students who are not required to have a meal plan, but would like to have a small one that offers the combination of meal swipes with Dining Dollars.  You may purchase a new Community plan once the previous plan has been exhausted.  Bonus: Dining Dollars DO roll over from Fall into Spring for these two plans!

Off-Campus Students

If you are a student living off-campus, you may purchase any meal plan except for the Apartment Plan.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars as part of the Gold and Trojan meal plans reset at the end of each semester. Dining Dollars and swipes as part of the Community 25 and 50 meal plans do roll over from Fall into Spring and reset at the end of the school year.

Dining Dollars may be used at any USC Hospitality location that does not serve alcohol. This includes all Residential Dining Halls, Retail cafes, and coffee shops.

Meal Swipes

Swipes can be used in Residential Dining, as well as select Retail cafes offering a special “meal swipe” combo meal. The ability to use meal swipes outside of Residential Dining is a new feature of the Cardinal and Gold Plans and will add even more flexibility and variety to your meal plan.  Swipes reset at the end of each semester and do not roll over.

Click HERE to see where Meal Swipes and Dining Dollars are accepted throughout Campus Dining


Residential Dining 

If you would like to use Dining Dollars, Discretionary Dollars or Credit/Debit card for entry to any of the Residential Dining Halls, the cost is:

Breakfast: $10.75

Lunch: $14.00

Dinner: $14.25

Meal Plan Upgrades 

To upgrade your meal plan, please use the USCard Services Website. Please upgrade your Fall meal plan by September 3, 2021.

Dates to Remember

The Fall 2021 meal plan is effective between August 13, 2021 through December 15, 2021. The deadline to upgrade your Fall meal plan is September 3, 2021. The Spring 2022 meal plan is effective between January 6, 2022 through May 11, 2022.  The deadline to upgrade your Spring meal plan is January 27, 2022.

Please note that the Residential Dining Halls will be closed during Winter Recess.  The USC Village Dining Hall will be open during Spring Break 2022.

Students will automatically be enrolled in a default Meal Plan through the USC Housing contracting process. Following this process,  students who would like to upgrade to another meal plan may do so online via the USCARD SERVICES WEBSITE If a meal plan is upgraded during the Fall Semester, that upgrade will apply to the Spring Semester as well, unless otherwise notified.

Meal Swipe allocations for the Cardinal and Gold plans are weekly.  19 meal swipes can be used per week for these plans.  

 The Cardinal, Gold, Trojan and Apartment plans reset on the last day of the semester and are not transferable or sold. The Community 25 and Community 50 plans reset on the last day of the school year and are not transferable or sold.  Remaining funds cannot be refunded, transferred, or sold.

Special Dietary Accommodations

If you need special dietary accommodations due to food allergies or other medical needs, please contact the USC Hospitality Registered Dietitian for more information.