Responsible Practices

USC Hospitality recognizes the importance of meeting the needs of the campus without comprising the health of our students, employees or the environment.  By initiating several efforts with our practices and attitudes, we hope to reduce our negative impact on the environment by eliminating excess waste and reducing natural resource consumption.

Food Philosophy
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LEED Building
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Green Initiatives

Reduction of Food Waste

  • Going trayless encourages students to lessen the amount of food that they take and potentially could throw away
  • Unlimited swipes encourages students to eat when hungry and alleviates the pressure of time, in turn reducing the piling of unnecessary food
  • Cooking in small batches reduces the amount of cooking waste

USC Teaching Garden

  • To establish a community that encourages the care of the LSO initiative
  • To portray a connection between garden fresh and local to the plate
  • To encourage education within the dining halls and assist in supporting the non GMO movement

Purchasing / Product

  • Buying in bulk reduces package waste
  • Participating in a program to recycle cardboard boxes