Hospitality Purchasing Program

USC Hospitality oversees 43 units on 2 campuses and the surrounding neighborhoods. The products that we provide are of the utmost quality and cater to the demands and needs of our students. The purchasing division seeks out products that are at the forefront of the industry. USC has a rigorous selection process for approval to bring products into our various units and as a result we pride ourselves on providing the best product. To contact the purchasing team division please reach out to the relevant buyer. For Retail units please contact Brian Santo 213-821-3458 or Email: bsanto@usc.edu For Hospitality and Catering please contact Miguel Zuniga 213-821-3456 or Email: miguelzu@usc.edu For Residential dining please contact Claudia Aguilar 213-821-3464 or Email: caguilar@usc.edu

Central Purchasing Program

There are several links that will give detailed information in regards to purchasing on campus. Please use the following.

Business Services information for Suppliers